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Water GL (gym rules) Empty Water GL (gym rules)

Post  Flamenco on Sun Mar 09, 2014 4:42 pm

Noticed no other gym leaders have posted on this part of the forum so I guess i'm going to aswell
This is for those who are wanting to challenge my gym and here are the rules for my gym
1. We straight battle which means we dont move our pokemon and just press pokemon attack till it's over it's faster and more simple that way
2. No op pokemon As a gym leader i'm suppose to be beat , but it's no fun for either of us if you just run me over with a Golem with crazy stats so the list of banned pokemon in my gym are (Metal coat mons, Eevee and eevee evols, Golem, Aggron, Flygon, and Dragonite
3. The basic rule of no pokemon above level 80
I hope you enjoy your gym challenges and enjoy PRAT!


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