Pokemon League Rules and Requirements.

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Pokemon League Rules and Requirements. Empty Pokemon League Rules and Requirements.

Post  Aceraptor on Wed Mar 05, 2014 7:56 pm

Hello everyone. Soon we will be having the first Pokemon League tournament. This will be exciting times because it seperates the men from the kids, the strong from the weak, and the best from the worst. This tournament will be ran over 2 days consisting of multiple rounds. But no just anyone can participate in the Pokemon League. So here are the requirements needed to participate:

1. You will need to post the team you plan on using and if you change your team it must be modified before the beginning of the competition.
2. You will need 8 Central Badges.
3. You must have 6 Pokemon no higher than level 100.

Those are some basic requirements that I hope you all can follow. Next I will give you the rules for this event. Here they are:

1. You are allowed to sub in the middle of battles.
2. You are only allowed 2 potions per Pokemon.
3. Sending your Pokemon out of arena bounds is an automatic disqualification.
4. No reviving can be used.
5. Please be active in time for your battle.
6. Battles will be posted the night before each round so make sure you and your opponent set up a time to battle.
7. Legendaries are not allowed.

Those are some basic rules and requirements needed to participate in this event. Now I will show you how I need you to set up your submission for the tournament:

Byond Key:
Number of Badges:

Thank you everyone for reading this post. I hope you all will enjoy the first Pokemon league and I hope we can plan on participating in many more of these events.

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